lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

30-day strokes challenge

  1. Favorite member and why
  2. Favorite picture of Fab
  3. Favorite picture of Albert
  4. Favorite picture of Julian
  5. Favorite picture of Nikolai
  6. Favorite picture of Nick
  7. Favorite picture of the band
  8. How you got into the Strokes
  9. Favorite song
  10. Favorite interview
  11. Favorite album
  12. Favorite live performance
  13. Favorite TV performance
  14. Favorite music video
  15. [There is nothing for day 15, so I’m going to make it “Favorite song off each album”]
  16. First song you heard
  17. Favorite lyric
  18. Favorite era for each member
  19. Favorite B-side
  20. Favorite side project
  21. Favorite quote from one of the members
  22. Favorite album art
  23. Favorite song live
  24. Least favorite song
  25. Favorite festival
  26. Song that reminds you of something important
  27. First album you bought
  28. Song that blew you away
  29. Dream setlist
  30. How they’ve changed you

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